Once upon a time

...there was Maria, a young girl who lived in a small village called Nove in northern Italy.

From an early age, Maria showed a strong personality (something that was not well seen in a woman at the time). For this reason, no one presented her with a marriage proposal, so the desperate parents tried in every way to push her towards become a nun. But this would have meant for Maria to abandon her greatest passion: ceramics. She had in fact become very skilled and created real works of art. Finally, Maria and her father found an agreement: she would continue to carry on her passion, dedicating her art to serve God. Thus Maria began to restore and create statues and donate them to churches.

Maria was happy but something missing in her life. So one night, driven by the advice of her sisters, she lit the candle of her workspace and made a sweet and elongated shape object… how could that really be the solution?

Yet… it really worked!
Maria felt reborn. Thus she began to create many of these objects and the word spread quickly from sister to sister and church to church.

Having to keep the secret, Maria’s creations were called “cuco” to allow all the nuns to go unnoticed in their “sexy” speeches. So it was that Maria became a real legend, giving many women much more than her art.