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Ceramic Violet Plug

Ceramic Violet Plug

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Smooth Sailing on the Love Canal

This ain't your run-of-the-mill plug; it's a booty masterpiece! With its sleek, elegant design and carefully crafted contours, it's like having your very own sculptor of pleasure. 

Features that Make You Go "Oh-La-La"

🦠 Hypoallergenic
☂️ Non-porous
🌡️ Thermo conductive
🧼 Easy to wash and sterilize
💪 Extremely durable
💦 Waterproof

👌 Body-Safe


Color: Light violet
Material: High-Quality ceramic porcelain stoneware
Insertable Lenght
Compatibility: With all lubricants
Cleaning: Easy to wash with warm water and mild soap
Packaging: Discreet packaging, ensuring your privacy

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